Systems to Emptiness

Circle Art Gallery 16 March – 14 April 2022

Shabu Mwangi & Ngugi Waweru

As a prelude to Wajukuu’s participation in Documenta 15, June – Sept 2022 in Germany, Shabu Mwangi (Kenyan, born 1985) and Ngugi Waweru (Kenyan, born 1987) will be creating an installation at Circle Art Gallery that considers the society we live in, human nature and our struggles.

The architectural elements in this exhibition describe the conflict caused by the eradication of traditional African education in favour of imposed foreign systems. This has created a disconnected and a traumatized contemporary society with no roots or understanding of who we are and where we come from.

Cultural heritage, knowledge and identity are important for the wellbeing of all human beings, it is the key to understanding and connects us to our land and our ancestors’ knowledge. It is always possible to learn from the foreign whilst retaining our authenticity.

Members of Wajukuu are contributing to this exhibition by building some of the installation.

In the Lunga-lunga neighbourhood of Mukuru slum, the Wajukuu Art Centre have been mentoring local youth through a range of arts programmes for over fifteen years. A registered community-based organization, Wajukuu’s origins go back to 2004, where it began as a group of young artists sharing a common goal: to make Mukuru a place for a child to thrive and to use art as a means of empowerment.
Wajukuu runs art classes and mural projects and provides a space for children to develop their talents and express their experiences.

Please contact Danda on +254 722672938 for more information on this exhibition, the artists and the project they are showing at Documenta.