Vanguard, Part I

Circle Art Gallery, 13 June – 29 June 2018

Robin Anderson, Wanyu Brush, John Obaso Diang’a, King Dodge, Meek Gichugu, Francis Kahuri, Evanson Kang’ethe, Rosemary Karuga, Jak Katarikawe, Sebastian Kiarie, George Lilanga, John Mainga, Kivuthi Mbuno, Zachariah Mbutha, Theresa Musoke, Stephen Njenga, Robino Ntila, Charles Sekano, Rahab Shine, Ancent Soi, Shine Tani, Tabitha Wa Thuku, Eunice Wadu, Sane Wadu, Yony Waite, Samwel Wanjau, Annabel Wanjiku.

Vanguard Part I presents a historical review of 27 artists who were dominant in Kenya’s art scene during the late 1980’s and the 1990’s, many of whom are still active today. The exhibition sets out to reintroduce them to a contemporary audience, and to consider their enduring influence on Kenya’s art scene.

During this exhibition and for the rest of 2018, we ask the audience – artists, writers, collectors, curators, art enthusiasts – to respond with their stories and memories of significant moments from this period of Kenya’s art history. We are putting up a timeline on the gallery wall, and we invite the audience to contribute to this. The information gathered plus commissioned essays will be included in an extensive printed catalogue to accompany Vanguard, Part II.

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