Michael Soi: Heaven Can Wait

Circle Art Gallery, 12 December 2019 – 10 January 2020

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Soi’s inspiration is city life. His work provides a photographic diary of Nairobi and is a satirical commentary of social, economic and political trends. It explores intergenerational and interracial relationships and what he refers to as ‘the economics of love’. A hallmark of his art is his unique vision and highly distinctive style of brightly coloured paintings outlined in black that are illustrative in nature and both playful and biting. They are informed by a strong tradition of cartoonists whose work has satirised Kenyan society since independence – often bravely poking fun at the political establishment. With a reputation for producing imagery of commercial sex workers, Soi’s work has sometimes been misconstrued as glorifying immorality while demeaning women. He has come under immense scrutiny and has had to explain his stance saying he is fascinated by commercial sex work and the hypocrisy and denial that it exists across the world and especially in Nairobi. He depicts those who engage in it, popular culture within the context of globalisation & consumerism and how love relationships have been made transactional.

Heaven Can Wait is a collection of his recent works exploring beauty, seduction and how gadgets, technology and money influence the courtship process.