Art Dubai 2016

Booth M11, Art Dubai Modern, 16-19 March 2016

Geoffrey Mukasa, A Solo Exhibition

Geoffrey Mukasa’s father was one of Uganda’s most prominent doctors. He was expected to follow in his father’s footsteps but after the murder of his father during Idi Amin’s coup he left Uganda to study art.

Mukasa travelled to India to take an art degree at Lucknow University, graduating in 1984. In the early 1990s, on returning to Uganda, Mukasa became a key figure in the movement to revive cultural life in Kampala. This cultural movement was seen as a unifying force and an inspiration for the nation’s recovery from years of military dictatorship.

In the absence of classic art materials in Uganda in his early yerars, Mukasa used paper from magazines and other found material to make collages. Later, when art materials were available, he enjoyed painting huge canvases and achieved great success.

His work is widely collected and exhibited, and appears regularly at international auctions.

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