AKAA Also Known as Africa 2016

Carreau du Temple, Paris, 11-13 November 2016

Circle Art Gallery is pleased to be attending AKAA in its inaugural year and is showing works from across East Africa by Ephrem Solomon, Paul Ndema, Shabu Mwangi and Ato Malinda.

Victoria Mann, AKAA Founder and Director:

Also Known As Africa, four words that express the philosophy of this fair, and suggest a multitude of possibilities.

AKAA opens the dialog and invites artists, galleries, collectors, amateurs, curators, and art critics to contribute to the development of an art scene that brings together diverse perspectives as the world looks at Africa, and Africa looks at the world. We are, each of us, invited to share our story, our singularity, and our vision.

Contemporary artists from Africa are succeeding in reversing the historical trends and prejudices that have often been a barrier to recognition. The world is turning its gaze toward the contemporary arts from Africa, and AKAA is joining forces with this vital movement.

The 30 galleries and 123 artists that participate in the current edition reflect international recognition of this contemporary scene, which finally has its rightful place, here and now, annually and for years to come, in Paris.

I invite the public to discover this unifying platform showcasing the richness and diversity of contemporary art and design from Africa, bringing together all those committed to this movement.