Agnes Waruguru exhibition at Circle Art Gallery

In Conversation with Agnes Waruguru: A Dedication Time for Thinking and Doing | Contemporary& | Mearg Negusse

C& spoke with Nairobi-based artist Agnes Waruguru about her first solo show, recently on display at Circle Art Gallery.

Small things to consider, the first solo show of multimedia artist Agnes Waruguru, showed from September to October 2020. We spoke with Waruguru about her experimental use of materials and about the intimacy of transforming them into specific observations and memoryscapes relating to her environment, as well as why it was important for her to create a show that felt approachable.

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The gallery takes away my breath. I stop on my tracks and turn my head to take in the magnificence, my backpack slung on my right shoulder. Everything is sparkling white: the walls, the floor, the doors. As though that doesn’t cut the picture well, little florescent tubes illuminate the entire place white – it’s like I walked onto the set of Beyoncé’s Single Ladies video. If you aren’t keen enough, you’ll miss seeing the corners.